Bench Scraper

SKU: E980213

CHF 16.90

The essential multi-purpose tool for every kitchen: bench scrapers do not only clean up the remnants of stubborn sticky pastry or hardened dried-up dough, they also cut, chop, lift, blend, smooth, and measure to ensure your baking not only tastes great, but looks great too as it is the perfect tool to create a neat edge.

The built-in ruler ensures your servings are dinner party ready, and makes pastrycraft a breeze. Slice and dice to even the most exacting standards with the hard steel edge.

This versatile bench scraper feels smooth in your hand thanks to the rounded edge handle and is essential to use when decorating cakes and guiding royal icing around the base of a sponge.

This bench scraper is constructed from natural rustic acacia wood handle with dipped blue end and stainless steel whisk head.

Wipe clean and store with your bakeware to ensure this tool is always ready to take on the next cooking challenge.
  • 110mm x 25mm
  • Wipe clean only
  • 5 year guarantee

Essential accessories. Made to last.

Superior bakeware

This range of sustainable bakeware is made from either stainless steel or with acacia handles to achieve a reduced-plastic kitchen.

Our tools are designed encourage your best and consistent baking results, time after time.

Each of these products is covered by a 5 year Zyliss guarantee.

Superior quality

This durable Zyliss bakeware has been designed with the home baker in mind. This bakeware range gives consistently great results for both novice and professional bakers.

Easy to clean

Simply hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly or pop in the dishwasher.