Control Carving Knife 8cm

SKU: E920177

CHF 14.50

The ergonomically contoured handle on the Zyliss Control Knife sits securely in your hand while the non-slip grip ensures safety and comfort throughout.

Manufactured from German steel, one of the most high quality, durable, sharper for longer steels in the world, the super-sharp edged blades of the Zyliss Control knives slide effortlessly through root vegetables, potatoes and other foods.

This grip style is often preferred by novice and home cooks or people with smaller hands. The Zyliss Control range has been designed with a thumb indent on the bolster, improving the comfort and precision of this cutting technique.

  • Dishwasher safe

  • 5 year guarantee

Designed for comfort. Designed for control.

Designed for comfort and control

Great for beginners and professional chefs alike, the Comfort range knives are durable and comfortable to use. The tapered blade design with ergonomic indentions and comfortable finger guide makes it easier to control every cut, slice, dice, and pass.

Japanese Stainless Steel Blade

The ultra-sharp, high-density Japanese stainless steel blade stays sharper, longer thanks to a superior blade design. The 15-degree angle of blade is just right to make slicing through foods faster and more efficient.

Blade Guard

The form-fitting blade guard helps extend the life and durability of the stainless-steel blade, whilst ensuring safe in-drawer storage.

Dishwasher Safe

Our versatile kitchen knife is rust and corrosion resistant and cleans up easily in the dishwasher, making it easier to keep it ready for every delicious meal.